Illuminated Wine cooler with blue tooth speaker

Mediterranean Homewares

  • €286,00
IVA included.

Made with medium density plastic, it adapts perfectly to all types of exteriors, withstanding temperatures from -45 to + 55ºC without undergoing any alteration in shape or color. Its manufacturing process makes it a light object but highly resistant to impacts, so we do not have to worry about its maintenance.

To facilitate its movement, it has an elegant and comfortable leather handle (100% vegan) resistant to liquids and weather. It incorporates a COOLER made of aluminum (stainless) that favors ice. The light & music option incorporates a powerful 10W speaker that connects to any device via bluetooth connection and remote control.

Equipped with an easy to use remote control that allows you so select from a spectrum of 256 colours plus 3 shades of white and to higher or lower the intensity of the light.

4 Modes available:

Static – stays the same colour

Party – Part colours changing every few seconds

Flash – Every second a new colour flashes on and off

Chakra – Slow colour changes dimming in soothing muted tones.

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