CC DIAMANTE 2 Pendant - Ceiling Lighting

Mediterranean Housewares

  • €423,00
IVA included.

LED lamp. Made of metal, stainless steel and faceted crystal pieces. 2 LED spotlights in the chromed ceiling plate and 2 pendants adjustable in length, with internal LED stripe. 46W LED. 5014 lm. 4.000K. DIMMABLE. Remote control included. This product includes LED drivers with 0-10V or PWM diming, a receiver and a remote control by radiofrecuency. To use it with wall dimmer, use just this type of dimmers. Any other would damage the LED driver.

Size ↔ 62.0 ↨ 30.0  40.0 cm
Height installed min 60.0/ max. 120.0 cm
5.6 Kg

Also available in 5 pendant

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