Mediterranean Housewares

  • €5.357,00
IVA included.

LARGE SIZE lamp, in chrome finish. 55 LED lights. Polycarbonated spherical shades of 10, 12 and 20 cm, with texture inside and metal finished in satin copper, satin brass and chrome. Adjustable length. 288W LED. 3.000K. 18.720 lm. DIMMABLE. Remote control.

This product includes LED drivers with 0-10V or PWM diming, a receiver and a remote control by radiofrecuency. To use it with wall dimmer, use just this type of dimmers. Any other type would damage the LED driver.

ø140.0 ↨ 200.0 cm
Size installed 160.0/ max. 350.0 cm
54.4 Kg

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