Illuminated Dining Chairs

Mediterranean Housewares

  • €295,00
IVA included.

one of the essential seats for your terrace or garden. Its height and comfortable design are oriented to be part of the CAPRI sets. Sturdy and lightweight it has the perfect balance between quality and design. 

made of polyethylene, they are light and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. They are also protected against UV rays, making the life of the product extraordinarily long.


Each chair has an integral battery, is solar powered, recyclable and has at least 2 years guarantee.

Equipped with an easy to use remote control that allows you so select from a spectrum of 256 colours plus 3 shades of white and to higher or lower the intensity of the light.

4 Modes available:

Static – stays the same colour

Party – Part colours changing every few seconds

Flash – Every second a new colour flashes on and off

Chakra – Slow colour changes dimming in soothing muted tones.


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